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My team is looking for alternatives to using sqlyog in wine on the mac and I am trying out 0xDBE, but we are using PAM on our mysql install.  I'm getting an "java.sql.SQLException: Unable to load authentication plugin 'dialog'." error when trying to connect using 0xDBE.

Does 0xDBE support PAM and I am just setting my connection up incorrectly, or are there plans to support PAM for mysql?


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Hello Bob,

Does connection work from command line? What options are you specifying when connecting from command line? What authentication method do you use? PAM authentication should be supported by JDBC Connector/J 5.1.21 version and higher out of the box if client uses mysql_clear_password authentication method (please see for more details). Currently 0xDBE uses 5.1.34 version (you can check what version is used with Test Connection action in Data Source Properties dialog).

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