Editor is very slow

Hi @all!

Im working on large project in my university. The codebase is scala/java.
For example there are some files with more than 1000 loc. The Project have also a lot of dependencies include spring.

My problem is that my intellij code editor works pretty slow, my hardware is a macbook pro with 8gb ram, so i think i can maybe increase
the memory which intellij reserve to increase performance. Is that the right approach and when what is the good way to configure it ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi, memory can be an issue. Raising xmx can improve performance. However it's still a problem, which we have to solve in Scala plugin. Can you share your example with me (for example privately by Alexander.Podkhalyuzin@jetbrains.com)?

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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