[OSX] Can I use systems ssh with my ~/.ssh/config ?

I've got quite a setup in my `~/.ssh/config` for all my hosts which basically already to the tunneling. Now I've to replicate this for every host in
0xDBE, at least I couldn't find another way.

Is it possible to tell 0xDBE to use my systems ssh settings when connecting ad-hoc to remote hosts?

I know I could also pre-create the connections and set up port forwards, but I'd rather not do that.

- Max

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Could you please specify what tunneling settings do you configure via ssh config? Do you use password or key for authentication?

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Well, actually, I just define a block and SSH automagically picks up my ~/.ssh/id_rsa . Since it's native OSX SSH I can opt (and did) to store my passphrase in the keychain.

So, this is actually what I meant with system. 0xDBE doesn't seem to "understand" or "pick up" any of this. It starts with that it doesn't seem to recognize the "Host" entries with the associated "Port" or "User" setting and also doesn't take advantage of my keychain stored password.

I hope I could better describe what my aim is.

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Thank you for the details, Unfortunatley currently support for ssh config is very limited. You can follow this request https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-1203 for the updates.


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