Why this groovy code is marked as invalid?

Hi All,

Why this groovy code is marked as invalid:

new Thread() {
    println "this is a test"

I see a wave line just after "println" and says

';', ',' or new line expected


I'm using idea 9.0.3 community version.

Leo Jay

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Hello Leo,

What version of Groovy are you using?
This code is invalid since Groovy 1.7. Groovy expects anonymous class body after '{' instead of closure.

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I'm using Groovy 1.6.1

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Sorry, but this syntax is obsolete and is not supported by neither newer groovy compilers nor IDEA 9.0.3.

I can suggest you two solutions of the problem.
The first is to use a newer Groovy version.
The second is to surround the closure with parentheses:

new Thread({
     println "this is a test"



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