[MS-SQL] - How can I view table indexes ?


How can I view table indexes in the object explorer ? I can find them in the Navigate To Symbol window but when selecting any of them nothing happens. It should browse to that object and select it in the object explorer as expected.


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It seems to be working for me. Created a dummy table and index:

create table indexes (
  id integer primary key,
  data1 varchar(10),
  data2 date
create index indexes_index_1 on indexes (data1, data2);

Synchronized the schema. The indexes (PK and non-PK are shown in the tree and navigable).

Does the same dummy case work for you? Maybe, your table or index have some specific?


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No I still can't see the index.

However I created a new project from which I had to set up a new datasource (why couldn't it take the previous datasource I had set up ?) and then I could see all indexes.

Note that I had that previous setup since earlier versions of 0xdbe.


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