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I'm using ultimate edition of IntelliJ IDEA(version 14) and I'm working with Oracle pl/sql. I have problem with code completion in following situation. I cretate two sql files in each file is defined one package (specification + body) with some functions/procedures. Let call them package A and package B. When I want to call function from package A in package A the code competion feauture detect it and show me the name of function which I want to call, everything works fine. But when I want to call function from package B in package A the code completion feature doesn't show any hint. When I want to call function B from package B everything works fine again. It seems like the code completion feature use only definitions from the current file. Can you tell me what's the problem, or maybe what I'm doing wrong ?


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You can create a DDL data source (it's one based on .sql files rather than on JDBC connection) and add both files to this data source.



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