copy and paste of scala file is missing bits

I have the following code:

// in file Globals.scala

object Globals {

    val contex = "hello Global"

// in file FirstClass.scala

class FirstClass {

  import Globals._

  println("in FirstClass")

// after paste in file SecondClass

class SecondClass {

   println("in FirstClass")


When I copy the file FirstClass.scala (right mouse click -> copy) then paste it as SecondClass.scala
the "import Globals._" is missing.
I was expecting a mirror copy of FirstClass. Is this normal?

Using Intellij idea 15 CE EAP on iMac osx Yosemite

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Unused imports can be removed during Copy action. However you can create ticket to save local imports even if it's unused. I think it will be reasonable part of "Copy" feature.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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