How to tell IDE to look at grails.home.dir property?

This post is similar to, but I think it's worthy of its own thread.

I use Grails pretty extensively within our company across a number of projects; the IDEA support is really great, especially in 9.0.
One general Grails (not IDEA) kink we have is that the default '' (/home/myaccount/.grails) isn't feasible for us.  A couple of reasons: (1) if your local project directory has a name like 'trunk', then Grails will create a '.grails/projects/trunk directory.'  Fine if one app does it, but bad when 10 apps do it, especially when you're trying to run more than one at a time.  (2) Some of our machines don't have enough space under /home for all of the dependency jars, etc.

So, I've overridden '' in all of our projects to use a 'work' subdirectory under the current project.  Any ideas about how to make IDEA pick up this setting and look for dependencies in the overridden location?  Admittedly, I haven't tried to work with the PSI at all yet.

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IDEA 9.0.1 reads from system properties and


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