Plugin resoving - problem after upgrading from 8.1.3 to 8.1.4


I have a issue with a grails projekt that runs with grails 1.0.3 .
I use a grails plugin ( jasper ) and while working with IntellJ 8.1.3 the
path to the plugin was resolved correctly under  app/web-app/plugins/jasper-0.8/reports so my *.jrxml
files were found. After updating to version 8.1.4 for some reason the reports are searched
under the path  app/web-app/reports and so the files are not found. Switching back to 8.1.3
fixes the problem. My question is how to set the path in 8.1.4 ?

What I found out so far is that the pluginContextPath variable resolves
under 8.1.3 to app/web-app/plugins/jasper-0.8/reports/
under 8.1.4 to app/web-app/reports/

I use the same grails 1.0.3  version. What am I missing ???

thank you

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Which path do you mean? Where does this happen?


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