Impossible to compile Groovy-Class


I am using IDEA 8.1.3 build #9886 with its bundled JetGroovy plugin v8.0, with Grails release 1.1.1. And I'm still a beginner of Grails and IntelliJ ;-)
I have installed a the plugin jsecurtity-0.4.1 and therefore I want to create a Groovy class file in grails-app/conf/<name_of_project>/Test.groovy. So far no problem. But when I start my Web-App, I got the following error message:

2009-10-14 14:56:15,656 [main] ERROR commons.DefaultGrailsApplication  - Class not found attempting to load class smartglasses.Test
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: smartglasses.Test

I've still added the folder grails-app/conf/<name_of_project>/ to the Source Folders (in Project Structure -> Modules -> Sources) ...but without success.

How can I manage to tell grails to look up for this class?? Thanks in advance.


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How can I manage to tell grails to look up for this class?? Thanks in advance.

You should tell Grails about this, not IntelliJ IDEA. Source folders
don't affect Grails in any way.

AFAIK the conf folder isn't a right place for custom code, it's for
config only. Please consult Grails documentation.

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Thanks a lot for the fast answer. At the moment I'm using the book "The Definitive Guide to Grails - Web Development" to intoduce myself in Groovy and Grails. And in this book they placed a class in the conf folder (p. 427), so I thought it might be a bug with the IDE ;-). Good to know that this might be a Grails problem. Thank you.



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