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What are the left and right arrows in the Quick Documentation window supposed to do? They don't work for scrolling through the whole database, only the part you have seen already when using the keyboard arrows.

Example: if I use Ctrl-Q on record 50 of 100, and walk through records 51 to 55, the arrows in the Quick Documentation window get active. When I page down, I cannot walk before record 50, the first record I watched. At that point the arrow is disabled.

Is this the intended behaviour, just curious ...


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Basically, while the Quick Doc is opened, it remembers - hm, let's call it "pages" - that were loaded inside. So, you can stand on an item (a table, a cell), open Quick Doc - that's the first "page". Then you move focus to another item - Quick Doc loads information for it. So we have another "page". Arrows allow to browse that history, switch between "pages". (I should ask developers how to call that correctly.)

This way, arrows can't show the content that was not yet loaded into the popup.



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