So far so good (Oracle user)

Really like the responsiveness and intuitive interface, but here are my thoughts so far.  If there is a product roadmap somewhere I haven't seen, then ignore! I'm sure most of these are on there:

  • Really would like a way to organize the navigation pane or collapse certain categories instead of showing all tables, then all views, then all sequences, then all procedures, etc
  • No explain plan yet
  • No UI for DBMS_JOBS/schedules
  • Would be nice to have auto-paging on scroll through the rows.
  • It's not really clear how to open another simulatneous session
  • It seems the autocomplete has a hard time recognizing columns from a table I'm selecting

That's all I've got so far.  Can't wait to see what you guys can come up with! It's a great start.


+1 to all of Phillip's notes. Love the tool so far, already finding I prefer it to Toad.

One thing to add. Selective syncronization would be good. I work with many 3rd party application databases at my company, several have very large numbers of tables (1000+) and other objects. It would be nice to, for example, only sync the procedures, functions, packages, and not the tables.


As I've used the tool more I think I'm ready to revise my stance on selective syncronization. While I think it could still be useful, I see the speed at which the code completion works in 0xDBE versus Toad BECAUSE 0xDBE has synced it and is pulling it from local cache/memory versus that Toad (and SQL Developer) does trying to pull it over the network realtime (with some caching after the fact). On our largest databases Toad's completion is sluggish to the point of being hinderance to productivity, whereas having it synced as in 0xDBE keeps it fast and useful. In our case our databases aren't changing often enough to where realtime look-up is important, and the speed difference make it so much more useful than Toad or SQL Developer. Also, syncronization is optional at connection, which in my case it's best to have it not sync at connection and instead run a sync every couple of days.

Loving this tool. There are still plenty of quirks, but it's already won me over (mostly).


+1 explain plan, plan comparasion, save plan. Very need UI for thease features.


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