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i am working on a project that has custom test directories which idea does not recognize as source folders.
i will skip the very confusing explanation - what i need to do is to know for sure which module.xml is used for a module of a project. how can i be 100% sure? does idea secretly cache some settings? (there is a module file which is not changed if i make changes inside idea's module settings)
i suspect my problem stems from a wrong module.xml being used.

does intellij use the sbt-idea plugin? if not, how i can i customize the test directory configuration without having it break each time i import the sbt project again due to autosync?

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Modules are stored in .idea/modules folder. For each SBT subproject you get 2 modules: one for the subproject itself and another one  (usually prefixed with '-build') for an SBT build of this subproject. But I think that editing this files manually will fix things only until next refresh because we're synchronizing project only one-way from SBT to IDEA, thus rewriting any changes from IDE with ones read from SBT.

We're not using sbt-idea plugin in any way and, unfortunately, now we can not offer you any way of changing things during import. Hovewer, we're working on this feature. It will be available in our own plugin, sbt-ide-settings. You can find it here:


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