"Can't register given path of type 'RESOURCE' because it's out of content root"


I am having trouble importing an sbt project with the following build file: https://github.com/Sciss/weblaf/blob/sbtfied/build.sbt

The error I'm getting is this:

[ 254166]   WARN - nal.AbstractExternalSystemTask - Can't register given path of type 'RESOURCE' because it's out of content root.
Content root: '/home/hhrutz/Documents/devel/weblaf/modules/core/src'
Given path: '/home/hhrutz/Documents/devel/weblaf/modules/ui/src'

Using the legacy model from `sbt gen-idea` and opening the result does work.

Is there a way to convince IntelliJ to import my build.sbt without having to change the directory structure (this is a forked project, and I want to leave everything in place)?

Best, .h.h.

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I used relative symlinks now for the source directory instead of using the settings-key for the sources.

Previous version: https://github.com/Sciss/weblaf/blob/2175ffd854357fdcf3b433fa2fc3a06bb021fc9b/build.sbt
New version: https://github.com/Sciss/weblaf/blob/3df68f81dd2a796a8a65acc81b71c5f37fc9e040/build-sbt/build.sbt

This new version seems to be almost fine. At some point IntelliJ complains that there are duplicate Java classes, because there isn't a distinction between sources and resources originally and so I have two symlinks with the resources going through an sbt filter. But still, I can compile and run.


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