Work with several schemas in Oracle

I use 0xDBE for work with Oracle.
I created new project, entered username and password.
It was connected. Everything works.
How do I connect to another schema? I need execute sql on another scheme(not same scheme then I specified to connect in project settings)
Can I open new tab associated with another schema like in Toad for Oracle?

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Is "tab" a console to enter SQL statements? Currently a data source can have only one associated console. The request to change this is , our developers work on it.

To add / remove a schema associated with a data source see the data source properties, Schemas and Tables tab.

So, if you'd like to have 2 consoles, please create 2 data sources and configure schemas for each one. This will hopefully be improved later.


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Thanks for answer.
Ok, now I'm doing so, but it's very uncomfortable.
I voted for this functional in youtrack.


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