Create Grails Plugin project


I wonder what's the best way to create a Grails Plugin project. It seems to me there should be such option when creating new project.

afaik, there are two ways:

  1. use grails "grails create-plugin" command to create a project and then import it. This doesn't seem to be a good idea as there are some manual works required after imported the project as a Grails project.

  2. create a Grails project and copy the *Plugin.groovy and any required files. This is a again require some manual works.

any idea? did i miss any feature.



i've created an issue for this:

ideally, Intellij IDEA should do more than just create a plugin project, but to manage the dependency between a standalone Grails project and a plugin project.


Is someone from Intellij working on this feature?


Preparing to work. In fact, there would be no special support for Grails
plugin project, current Grails support is sufficient. There will be
special treatment for Grails plugins with custom location. IDEA will
suggest to create a module in your project for such a plugin. You can do
it right now manually. If you see some additional actions required from
IDEA, please tell them.


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