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I'm new to IntelliJ and am using it for a Grails project. I noticed that both my .iws and .iml files contain absolute paths to my home directory. For example, my .iml file uses the following to refer to source folders in installed plugins:

  <component name="NewModuleRootManager" inherit-compiler-output="true">
    <exclude-output />
    <content url="file://C:/Documents and Settings/dmurphy/.grails/1.1.1/projects/rivendell-grails-1.1.1/plugins">
      <sourceFolder url="file://C:/Documents and Settings/dmurphy/.grails/1.1.1/projects/rivendell-grails-1.1.1/plugins/acegi-0.4.1/grails-app/controllers" isTestSource="false" />
      <sourceFolder url="file://C:/Documents and Settings/dmurphy/.grails/1.1.1/projects/rivendell-grails-1.1.1/plugins/acegi-0.4.1/grails-app/services" isTestSource="false" />

Obviously these paths won't work for my team-mates. Is there any way that I can make paths such as the above relative to $HOME or $GRAILS_HOME, so that they will work for all team members? Making the path relative to the project dir won't help because the relative path would still include my username (dmurphy).


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You can add C:/Documents and Settings/dmurphy/.grails/1.1.1/ as a path
variable in 'Settings | Path Macros', then your colleagues will also
have to define it pointing to their analog on opening the project.


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