Toggle Test (A.K.A. goto test, or Navigate > Test) always says 0 found.

When I try to navigate to a test in scala code Intellij always offers to create a test (oddly with a $ in the name) instead of finding my test suite.  Is this feature broken, or is there some configuration that is required for it to work, maybe naming my files a certain way or a specific directory structure?  Oddly, I can navigate from test to code, but then can't navigate back from code to scalatest tests, so it is sort of works.

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Please answer the following questions so I can assist with your issue:
What versions of IDEA and scala plugin do you use?
What testing framework and which version of it do you use?

It would help a lot if you could provide a brief example or more precise instructions on how to reproduce the issue (what code exactly are you trying to navigate from/to).



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