Better SQLServer schema support

Currently as it works by default, when I connect to an SQL Server instance and I have like 200 databases on there you end up with something like 2600 schemas which obviously makes things nearly useless. You could say adding a connection with the database name in it would be effective to resolve this, but I can't do that for 200+ databases.

I haven't tried other database types yet to see if they are similar but this is the case for me in SQL Server

What I would like to see is for the SQL Server connection type to have a more standardized format where under the connection you have each individual database entry with the sub-schemas folded away neatly under it. Kind of like linqpad style or SSMS style

The dbo schema should probably be considered default for most actions and come up first in all content assist dialogs unless it's obvious something else is being referenced. It would also be nice to not have to reference dbo all the time but these may require the query console to run under a specific database/schema instead of over the whole connection


Also, it would be neat to have the content assist be aware of the context the SQL is in, like when you have a USE statement above, it should be able to see that and know which DB you are trying to query against if you don't prefix every table with DBNAME.dbo.


Agreed - it's also quite slow to build the schema information for intellisense. I only have 5-6 databases, but some have up to 300 tables. It's been indexing for near 30 minutes now, with some 26,000 RPC calls being made. That's using the jTDS driver, maybe it's different with the MS JDBC driver.

Edit: It also doesn't query just the schemas I've checked off in the schemas and tables, it queries EVERYTHING.


More to add-on:
If I reference a table through having multiple schemas on my connection like dbo.table_name and I try to auto complete a table alias, I get something like
It should at least name it d_tn or just tn
Seems like this functionality is a bit broken


+1 for this---I usually only have a couple databases and the 0xdbe console gives me an overwhelming amount of autocompletion data.  Being able to limit by schema, e.g. by setting a default when configuring the connection, would be a useful addition.


+ 1
In version 0xDBE 1.0 EAP 138.1400.3 nothing has changed for this. In the current embodiment  with large servers is impossible to work ...


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