How to connect to Oracle DB with TNS File


We use Allround Automations' PSD for our Oracle work. It handles all the connection strings and the like for us, so I am not well versed in what we need to do to connect to the Oracle DB using a TNS file. I am on Win7 64bit machine. The following things are setup:

  1. I have an environment variable setup (TNS_ADMIN) that points to our tns file
  2. I have the oracle driver setup inside 0xDBE
  3. I have my TNS entry setup (it works for other tools that don't use JDBC)

Whenever I try to connect to the DB I get 'java.sql.SQLException: IO Error: Unknown host specified' errors.

Is there someone able to give me the information I need to connect? Is there any further information that I need to provide?

Much thanks,

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Currently there is no predefined driver for Oracle with TNS in 0xDBE. That's

However, the problem may be worked around by user. Please make sure that URL field contains something like this:

And not this:



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