New plug-in 1.3 - open project: NoSuchMethodError: sbt.ModuleReport.<init>


just updated to CE 14.0.3 and Scala Plug-In 1.3. This is what I get when I open a project:

Error:Error while importing SBT project:
    at sbt.MainLoop$$anonfun$runWithNewLog$1.apply(MainLoop.scala:70)
    at sbt.MainLoop$$anonfun$runWithNewLog$1.apply(MainLoop.scala:65)
    at sbt.Using.apply(Using.scala:24)
    at sbt.MainLoop$.runWithNewLog(MainLoop.scala:65)
    at sbt.MainLoop$.runAndClearLast(MainLoop.scala:48)
    at sbt.MainLoop$.runLoggedLoop(MainLoop.scala:32)
    at sbt.MainLoop$.runLogged(MainLoop.scala:24)
    at sbt.StandardMain$.runManaged(Main.scala:53)
    at xsbt.boot.Launch$$anonfun$run$1.apply(Launch.scala:109)
    at xsbt.boot.Launch$.withContextLoader(Launch.scala:129)
    at xsbt.boot.Launch$.run(Launch.scala:109)
    at xsbt.boot.Launch$$anonfun$apply$1.apply(Launch.scala:36)
    at xsbt.boot.Launch$.launch(Launch.scala:117)
    at xsbt.boot.Launch$.apply(Launch.scala:19)
    at xsbt.boot.Boot$.runImpl(Boot.scala:44)
    at xsbt.boot.Boot$.main(Boot.scala:20)
    at xsbt.boot.Boot.main(Boot.scala)
[error] java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: sbt.ModuleReport.<init>(Lsbt/ModuleID;Lscala/collection/Seq;Lscala/collection/Seq;)V
[error] Use 'last' for the full log.

See complete log in /tmp/sbt0.log

(That log file doesn't exit). Should I be worried?

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Same problem.  Can't compile scala sources, either.  That dies with ClassNotFoundException.

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At least I have no problem with the subsequent compilation, so I'm just ignoring that message right now.

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Ditto.  Using sbt 0.13.7.  Updated to IntelliJ using patch file.

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Please update to 1.3.1, which contains hotfix to this issue. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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