Type-through autocompletion in console

I don't know if that's the technical name for it, "type-through," but it's what I've always called it.

Basically say you are typing out

  • SELECT * FROM [oltp].[dbo].[Settings]

When you enter the first '[' autocomplete automatically fills in the corresponding ']'.

My question is concerning the "type-through" of ']', meaning that once I finish typing "oltp" like in the example above, that when I type ']' the autocomplete should detect I am finishing the bracket and move my cursor to the next side. This is not the current behavior.

Has anyone else had an issue with this and know of a proposed fix?

If it matters I am also using IdeaVim.

Thank you,


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I should note that in the situation mentioned above, when I hit ']' what it actually becomes is [oltp]]

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Thanks a lot, created http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-642

(In case you'd like to avoid auto-typing of closing bracket, - though this is not the main subject of this issue - it's Settings / Editor / Smart Keys / Insert pair bracket.)



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