How to switch connection for an open file

When I drag-n-drop a file into IDE and try to run it, it asks me for a connection, but only the first time. If you select an incorrect one, how to you change the connection afterwards? Closing the file and opening it again doesn't help - it remembers the connection


Please check the status bar: it should show the data sources, selected for current file.



It would be nice to include this description in the quick_start manual. It is a quite common operation when migrating object from different databases.



Perhaps this has changed since the question was answered originally.

I cannot find how to switch connections on a file open for editing.  I can only right click to see the 'Run <file> ...' that allows me to choose another connection, but forces me to run the whole file there.

I would like to create a script file on test, executing it piece by piece, then switch the connection to acceptance and execute the whole script file, then switch the connection to production and execute the whole script file again.  How can I accomplish this?


It seems the way to accomplish this is to use Scratch Files instead of SQL Files.  Then your current console/connection appears in a dropdown at the top right.


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