Are there plans to provide the same type of navigation that is capable with Seam.

I have just started using grails and found myself in several places selecting a propery or action in the gsp or property in a controller and hitting ctrl+b or on an object typing the name then . followed by ctrl+space to get some autocompletion.
Both cases do not offer any support. Are there plans on providing this?


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This navigation exists and works for me. Could you give some example
that doesn't work for you?

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Hi Peter,

Please see attachment, in the cases shown I'm hitting ctrl+b on the class propery and action and I'm not being taken to the code. This is an intellij generated grails project on diana build 9684 and using grails b2.

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Hi Samuel,

The navigation in .groovy files just doesn't understand the 'user' variable type. If you change 'def' to 'User', the references should start to resolve. I've created a JIRA issue:

As for action navigation, it's another problem:

Than you for reporting!


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