Can't set Groovy Breakpoints

Hi, I was going through the Groovy in Action book and wanted to step inside one of the examples. Using build 9684 it just tells me that the breakpoint does not belong to any class.

See attached capture.

Additional to this I had created the application using the grails commandline since when I try to create a grails app. using intellij it gives me the error in the second capture. Looks like something wrong with the path although I do select the the grails location through IntelliJ.

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Ok so the interesting thing is for not being able to run the gails.bat file I did a chmod 777 with cygwin on it then it worked with IntelliJ odd.

Now if I can figure out why I can't set breakpoints.

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For the breakpoints looks like you need to create the application through IntelliJ and not through the commandline. It would be nice if you could import a created project.

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Hello, Samuel.

As for Grails scripts runner, this is known issue and you still have to change access rights for runner scripts manually. To be able to set breakpoint in your case you should have your source files under special `source' directories (marked by blue in project tree view). To export existing Grails project into IDEA with correct source and test directories just start working with it for a first time by creating it as Java project `from existing sources' (there is appropriate point in Project creation wizard). Also you can mark some folders as source ones using `Project settings' dialog.

With best regards,

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You can create a Grails application module in the directory containing
the existing grails-app, and you'll be able to run this application from


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