Scalatest breaking every test run

I just installed IntelliJ 14, and the Scala plugin. I imported a Maven (3.x) project. It has a mix of java and scala, with scala relegated to tests. I had a test run just fine. Then I made a change to it, and re-ran it, and was greeted with a rather lengthy error around scalac not being able to find the test file, and it provides a list of directories it tried. To be able to run my test again I have to unmark the directory (src/test/scala) as a 'Test Sources' root, re-add the directory as a test sources root. I'm having to do this every single time I make a change and want to re-run the test. Am I missing a config somewhere, or not having something setup correctly?

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Am I right that IDEA doesn't recompile your test files after the change? In this case it's weird, that unmarking/marking test source directory can help...

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