Scala plugin and proxy settings

I've configured http/https proxy to IntelliJ. Idea can e.g. download and install Scala plugin.

After modifying sbt build script in a project, with new dependencies, SBT build gets triggered, and it keeps failing with "server access error", "network is unreachable", "you probably access the destination server through a proxy server" etc.
Is there a way to configure Scala plugin and/or sbt runs to use (IntelliJ) proxy settings?


SBT uses own proxy settings.
So what you need is configuring command line parameters for sbt-launch. You can do this in Settings -> Build, Execution Deployment -> Build Tools -> SBT.

However you are right, we can reuse global IntelliJ proxy settings. I'll create ticket for that.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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