Issue in Groovy Joint Compiler

I am modifying some code from Groovy src to improve the Groovy Console using Intellij 8.01 IDE. What I found is very surprisingly weird behaviour of Groovy inside Intellij 8.

When I modify Groovy Console classes and attempt to run the  code, sometimes , it will work, and sometimes nothing will happen and even at times, the Groovy will complain about missing property when run. I suspecting if  there is bug either in Groovy joint compiler or the compilation algorithm in Intellij 8. I remove the Intellij cache (.IntelliJIdea80\system\compiler and output class dir) and rebuild the classes but yet the problem still persist erratically and inconsistently.

For instance the following line appear upon a run after compilation
"Exception in thread "main" groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: menuBarClass for class: ig.ui.IgConsoleView
    at org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.ScriptBytecodeAdapter.unwrap("

But when adding some space to IgConsoleView to force save it, another message will popup to indicate anther property not found.
And when I comment out calling of IgConsoleView, it turn out that the message is the same, which mean likely mean that Joint Compiler fail to compile IgConsoleView (or any groovy class) properly.
Most amazingly, sometimes, the whole thing will just run without error, and it start running, there will no longer be MissingPropertyException.

Is there a official problem with Groovy Joint Compiler ?

Have you encounter such similar issue working with Groovy in Intellij 8 ? And if so, how does you resolve it ?

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Which version of IDEA are you using? Pleasy try the last 8.1 EAP
(, there's
a chance the problem is fixed there.

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Hi,Peter Gromov,

Yes, 8.01 has this bug, and the latest download of 8.1 entirely resolve the
problem. Now the Groovy app compile and run correctly.
thank ...

For those who experience Groovy's compilation issues should upgrade to 8.1 since it fix the bug.
Download from here


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