Invalid type name supplied to getTables

Hello, I am getting error and my IDE can not show me any tables in schemas.
Database Aster Teradata. Dbeaver and Squirrel works fine.

java.sql.SQLException: Invalid type name supplied to getTables
  at com.asterdata.ncluster.jdbc2.AbstractJdbc2DatabaseMetaData.getTables(
  at com.asterdata.ncluster.jdbc3.AbstractJdbc3DatabaseMetaData.getTables(
  in RemoteDatabaseMetaDataImpl.getTables(
  in RemoteUtil.access$100(
  in RemoteUtil$RemoteInvocationHandler.invoke(
  at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy103.getTables(Unknown Source)
  in DatabaseSchemaLoader.loadTableList(

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The problem was in driver(should be 6.01). After driver update everything works fine.


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