Feature / Wish List?

Is there a list of features or some type of roadmap for the tool?

It would really be nice if there was a feature list that could be voted on...

For me the top features i desire (why i continue to pay a lot of money for another product i use)

  • ER Diagraming
  • HTML Document Generation. The current product i use will generate a nicely zipped up javadoc like structure for the database.
  • Database script generation with the option to generate the scripts for a different db target. e.g. MySQL to Oracle
  • ETL - One of these years i am going to find one of these tools that will actually allow me to load more that just straight one to one mapping of data. The mysql tool had regular expression matching. Perhaps beanshell could be incorporated for doing basic to advanced transformation on the data as it comes in.
  • Paged Results - +1 0xDBE it already does it!
  • Smart autocomplete - of course JetBrains will nail this one!
  • Smart context awarness - such as being able to run just the current statement without having to first select the block

I am really excited that JetBrains is taking this on and I am sure I will be very impressed like I am with their other tools i use daily.


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