This probably won't make it into the initial release, but I would really, really, really like support for no-SQL databases, in my case, specifically for MongoDB. RazorSQL has limited support for MongoDB that tries to shoe-horn it into a SQL/tables mindset. That's not the path I hope you take. RoboMongo is much, much closer to what I hope you guys can implement.

Regardless of whether you implement no-SQL support, this is a great idea for a product. I think you guys can easily create an awesome database development tool.


I completely agree.

While JDBC-based SQL support makes sense for the initial release(s), some support for querying non-SQL datastores would be very welcome in the future.
Mongo especially sees a lot of usage across the industry today, while the current tooling (RoboMongo) leaves quite a bit to be desired.



A commercial tool for MongoDB support from JetBrains would be amazing!


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As No-SQL data stores are becoming mainstream, DBE can support the popular ones like MongoDB and Redis. Our company is working on a product which has 3 data stores (MySQL, Redis and Mongo)  used for various aspects of the system. Right now we use different tools for different data-stores. It would be awesome if DBE could integrate with them so that we could administer all 3 stores from a single interface.

Some tools we use now:


There is a mongo plugin that works with other JetBrains IDEs. I don't see it listed in the plugins available to 0xDBE, but I know it's popular for IntelliJ IDEA:


This plugin looks interesting. Thanks :)!


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