Inspectorgroovy no longer needed in IDEA 8?

I'm marking this as a question more because I want confirmation but I believe I already know the answer.  It appears that someone else stumbled onto this a while back.

But it occurred to me that the plugin software could look for incompatible plugins and let the user know.  My process for figuring this out was:

  1. Got "Fatal IDE internal" errors.
  2. Tried to submit the bug but the functionality was mysteriously greyed out with no explanation.
  3. Lived with it until IDEA 8.0.1 came out.
  4. Upgraded.
  5. Problem is still there with no explanation.
  6. Searched on user forums for the expection and ran into the wrong explanation that didn't fix my problem.
  7. Searched the forums some more until I found the correct issue which appears to be to uninstall InspectorGroovy
  8. So far working fine.

My point is that the process could be improved to:

  1. Fatal IDE internal error message tells me to check for plugin compatibility.
  2. Check plugins screen and Voila!  It warns me that InspectorGroovy may be incompatible with Jetgroovy or that it's an "depricated" plugin or something to that extent.

Most of us long-timey-Intellij-users are used to this sort of stuff just working.  It's one of the big benefits of using Intellij over other IDEs.  I'm hoping that you might consider an improvement to the error screen and plugin screen for a patch release.

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The confirmation that InspectorGroovy is no longer needed was posted here.  I'd like to keep this thread open that a response will be made for the plugin/error message improvements.


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