Error: scalac: bad option: -P:genjavadoc:out=

I installed the Intellij Ulitimation edition 14, and try to see if I can work on a Scala project in it.

I checked out apache spark 1.1.0 branch, which I want to reseach and use it to test the scala support in Intellij.

I run the sbt/sbt gen-idea in the spark 1.1.0, which generates all the project files of all models for Intellij.

Then I open the root folder of Spark 1.1.0, within Intellij, as openning a Intellij project directly.

Then Intellij asks me to install scala plugin and restart the IDE. I did.

Next for spark project, I was asked by Intellij for a scala SDK. I point to the Scala 2.10.4 binary. no problem so far.

Then the project created in the Intellij without any errors, so far so good.

What I want to test is if I can compile, run or debug any test in the scala within Intellij. I open one test in the spark, I noticed that the test scala file in Intellij has the "run/debug" option, which sounds very good. But before I can run or debug any test scala file, it needs to be able to compiled. Now the problem comes. When Intellij tries to compile indivitual scala file, it gave me the following error message:

Error:scalac: bad option: -P:genjavadoc:out=/Users/me/source/spark/assembly/target/java

I know scalc support "-P:<plugin>:<opt>", why in Intellij it complains this as a bad option?


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It is error message from the compiler. Probably this compiler option was incorrectly extracted during project import. You can find this option at Settings -> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Compiler -> Scala Compiler -> Additional compiler options.

Can you compile this project with sbt command line?


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