How 0xDBE compares to the IntelliJ IDEA Database plugin?

I used to use IntelliJ IDEA's Database plugin for some basic-to-intermediate query writing and execution, but found that the plugin would stumble when dealing with a large volume of data, or when dealing with a particularly large query; the column edit tool was very slow and bulky (compared to, say Notepad++), and it seemed to struggle with executing long queries (I have queries where the text of the query is 20KB+).

Will 0xDBE be able to overcome these performance obstacles that pushed me back to using Notepad++ and a different database client?

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I think they may have fixed some of those issues with the database plugin, as I'm regularly executing queries that run 1300+ lines and 20kb+ without any issues. As for query results they generally use a SET ROWCOUNT 500 (configurable) before executing any query in the database console, so I haven't found that large datasets have been an issue either - but that's just because of the limit set.

I'm using IDEA daily as my main query authoring tool, and rarely have to drop back to anything specific (Workbench, SSMS, etc). There are still a few issues, such as lengthy waits on building code completion indexes for large schemas. But as I've been pointing things out via bug submissions I'm actually seeing them get fixed with a fairly short turnaround (2 weeks - 1 month), and that's pretty impressive in comparison to other tools I have to use.


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