Fail to import actors

Intellij:13.1.5 community
Scala plugin:0.41.2 (as recommended)
java sdk:1.8.0_20

newly installed, standard setup, nothing advanced changed.

here is the problem.
I try to import scala.actors.Actor, but the ide just give me a red flag and said cannot resolve symbol actors.

I thought the actors package is a built-in.
can anybody tell me what's wrong?

Is there a fix? THX for help! It drives me crazy!

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Scala actors were deprecated and moved out from the scala-libaray starting from some Scala version (probably 2.10).
So actors package is not built-in. You need to import them, see examples here:

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuizn.

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thx for your reply.

I noticed that too, so I use instead.

but build.sbt file has some problem. red flag is everywhere, it seems like the sbt is not installed properly.

so I have 2 follow-up questions. to import a sbt project? should I choose "Create project from existing sources" or "Import project from external modal" and choose "SBT project"? there a tutorial for setup SBT with intellij idea properly?

looking forward to your reply!
thx again!

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Right option is File -> Import Project...
Then choose dir, SBT and so on.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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