Debug/Run grails integration tests for specific test?

If you try to debug or run any of the tests found in test/integration with 'Right Click, Run Test via JUnit option', many of them fail inside IDEA (7.0.4 with JetGroovy Plugin). However, if these same tests are run on the command line via 'grails test-app ]]>' they work fine.

Is there a way to run a specific testClass within the test/integration directory inside IDEA? I know about creating a separate configuration with 'Run Tests' vs 'Run Application' but the 'Run Tests' will execute all tests in the integration folder but not a specific one. Is there a way to set it to run only the current selected or specific test class?

Grails 1.0.3
Groovy 1.0
IDEA 7.0.4

Edited by: Justin on Sep 26, 2008 9:53 PM

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This has been a bug in the plugin for a loooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnngggggg time. I wish that it was fixed as well, it means you cannot debug your tests either.

I am now using easyb as my testing infrastructure and the inability of the plugin to do anything other than run the run-app or test scripts is incredibly frustrating from a debugging perspective.

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Ok, I think we'd found a compromise decision. In next Diana EAP we'll provide separate run configuration specially for Grails tests. You should use it to debug your grails test, but there will no habitual "green" test balls and progress bar as for JUnit configuration.
There will be possibility to run only integration, unit or all tests or tests with some concrete cathegory name (all tests with some name without "Tests" suffix). I'm afraid we'll not manage to provide all JUnit support appearance and make debug of Grails tests transparent.

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