Navigate > Class... not working any longer


I'm not aware of having run an update in the past week, but now somehow all the top items from Navigation are broken: Class... (Ctrl+N), File... (Ctrl+Shift+N), Symbol... (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N). Just nothing happens when I select these items. Ctrl+N had become kind of my most important shortcut. What could have happened?

Version is 13.1.5; latest Scala plugin. I'm a bit worried that a recent GNOME (desktop manager) update might be involved in this. Is there some special tricks going on in the timing / opening of these particular dialogs? I can see that the current view loses keyboard focus when I press Ctrl+N, so definitely IntelliJ tries to open something. Perhaps of size zero?

Thanks, .h.h.

P.S.: The search-everywhere (magnifying glass icon in top right corner) feature still works, so luckily I can find classe by name using this action. That makes a fix lower priority; I still wonder what the reason is...


Nothing happens when I select "Help > Show Log in Files"... Where do I find the log by hand?


This shouldn't happen. Did you modify IDE system properties manually? See to find corresponding location.


Ok, I found `~/.IdeaIC13/system/log/idea.log`, but nothing enters here when I press `Ctrl+N`. Search-everywhere does appear in the logs.

Meanwhile I can see that a whole class of dialogs seems to not come up. For example, "Help > Find Action" has the same problem: Current window loses keyboard focus, but no dialog appears.


Please create issue and provide detailed information about your OS, window manager, Java version etc. and attach idea.log from fresh IDE startup. Thanks.


Your index cache may massed up. Go to File -> Invalidate caches /Restarts. It works for me.


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