Performance of make when nothing has changed

Hi guys.

I've been using IDEA 12 for a long time because it worked and did everything I needed. This changed recently so I've had to update to IDEA 13.

I'm happy with 13 apart from one thing that is really annoying - the speed of make when no files have changed.

In IDEA 12 I was using FSC and if I did a make (or ran an application) and no files had changed, it instantly completed or the application instantly started to load.

Now I am on IDEA 13 and using the built in compile server. I have Intellij IDEA selected as the incremental compilation option. When I do a make when nothing has changed it takes at least one second to come back and tell me all files are up to date. So if I try and launch an application that doesn't need any thing to be compiled it takes over one second before it starts to load.

Is there anyway this can be sped up? IDEA must know this information.

This is the only remaining annoyance with IDEA 13 (and 14).

Thanks, Nick.


Don't know about Scala, but pure Java Hello World without changes took ~1s to make even on IJ 12...
Probably related


So I have tried it:

IJ 12:
Make 300ms
Make (without external build) 30ms

IJ 13:
Make 850ms

Something got broken, you should report a bug.


Thanks for the info Vojtěch. Are you saying that the issue you linked to ( ) doesn't cover this problem?


Well, it covers much more.
IJ 12 spawns a build process, and takes 300ms, IJ 13 also spawns a process and it takes much more.
The issue I linked is about spawning processes in general, I want reusing of processes, just like Scala Compile Server does - it would solve your problem (you would get those 30ms times), but you are not likely to get a quick fix for that (unless you use my custom build ).
So if you report a bug for this particular slow down, maybe you will get a fix soon.



Added issue:

Hopefully it can fixed soon. It doesn't seem to be a big deal but I am forever starting different run configurations when nothing has changed and the delay kills me!


btw were youy using external build in IJ 12?


No. In IDEA 12 I always used the FSC compiler.

Obviously that was removed in 13 and so I had to move to the external compiler then.



Got it. I was little confused by all those scala compiler servers...


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