cannot find symbol class GroovyTestCase

I have installed jetgroovy, configured all the facets so that the correct version of groovy is used by the projects that need it. The facet shows up under modules. when i go to run a test NG testcase that uses some groovy classes, i get the following error:
cannot find symbol class GroovyTestCase
i can navigate to the said class in intellij so it is there. i believe that jetgroovy is somehow using the wrong version. actually, i found that there is another version groovy in:
C:\Documents and Settings\mkoryak\.IntelliJIdea70\config\plugins\Groovy\lib
the groovy-all.jar is 2821KB while the version that i am using (groovy-all-1.5.6.jar) 2784KB. replacing the incorrect groovy jar in config with the correct one causes the plugin to not show up as installed.

i am including all relevant screenshots and not inside a word doc - why do people do that?

please help me. i have installed and reinstalled this plugin maybe 4 times.

version info:
Intellij: 7.0.4
jetgroovy: 1.6.19053

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i had 2 other versions of intellij installed on my system, i removed them. after removing them the latest version asked me to register it again, weird. i registered. it would thereafter hang after starting up.
i reinstalled it, reinstalled jetgroovy, and after that everything works.


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