Prevent all sbt modules refreshing on program start

I'm developing a Play 2.2 application in Java that uses several Play modules. I imported them all using the option to import from an existing sbt project. My problem is that every time I start IntelliJ, all 9 of the modules refresh simultaneously, causing extreme performance degredation. Each module spawns its own sbt process, consuming massive amounts of memory, and then the processes fight for locks for ~10-15 minutes on average. How can I disable auto refresh on startup, or at least make it sequential?

I've been using IntelliJ in a trial capacity, and if this performance issue can't be cleared up, I'll have to return to Eclipse, which, while not offering as good tooling as IntelliJ, at least starts up in less than 15 minutes.

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Disabling auto-import on all sbt projects worked for me. 


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