How to view sbt log?

I'm using Idea 13.1.4 and Scala plugin 0.41.1,

When I synchronize my build.sbt I can see the contents of the sbt log scroll by one line at a time at the bottom of the IDE, and if there's an error I get a one line summary in the bottom left corner. Sometimes (can't figure out what causes or prevents it) I get to see the entire log in a tab in the messages window. It disappears as soon as I resynchronize. What am I missing?

If this needs to be a feature request (Idea 14?) I's like to:

1) Always be able to bring up the log from the most recent sbt run
2) Have the option of seeing the log as the sbt run is executing

For bonus points, I'd like to be able to see these even when the sbt run is completely successful.

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Current messaging UI implementation is temporary - we're going to add a full-fledged SBT console, so all the messages will be easily accesiible from there.

Meanwhile, you may see log messages via Help / Show Log action.

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Oh, Help / Show Log is something I really needed to know abotu in any case. Thanks!


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