Groovy and generated ant scripts


On previous projects, we have had good luck using an ant script generated by IntelliJ. For a new project, we have a class written in Groovy, and the generated ant script does not compile this class, as it uses javac instead of groovyc. This causes the generated ant script to fail. I could edit the generated script by hand, but if we change the dependent libraries and regenerate the ant script, we will have to re-do the changes. In any event, it seems to me that a generated build script should build without errors.

Is there some way to get IntelliJ to generate ant scripts with groovyc (and the integrated compiler) for modules that have a Groovy facet? Is there a Jira issue for this?



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This is a case, we're not supporting Groovy in IDEA ant script generator. We discuss such possibility now. It will be certainly implemented in Diana, when JetGroovy plugin will be bundled into IDEA. But I'm not sure about implementation of this feature in Selena.


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