Resolving url(...) Within Grails App's CSS


I just added a couple of list-style-image properties to the "main.css" for my Grails application, and IDEA is flagging the URI given as an argument to url(...) value with "Cannot resolve file '...'.".

Since the references are to image files in my Grails app's ".../web-app/images" directory, it seems that JetGroovy should be able to resolve these references and give accurate feedback when the file is (or isn't) present.

Randall Schulz

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I think you are missing web facet attached to your grails module. Now in 1.6 you can actually add it.
The error highlighting in css is not done by JetGroovy BTW.

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I'm running IDEA 7.0.3 and JetGroovy 1.5.16466. JetGroovy 1.6 is not available under IDEA 7, right? And if that's so, does it mean there's no way to get the proper facet configured?

In my project's Grails module definition, there are four facets:

1) "Grails" (blue-cube-with-globe icon): Contains Web2-like configuration settings
2) "Web2"
3) "Spring"
4) "Grails" (silver-goblet-over-blue-circle icon): Contains only a "Configure Groovy/Grails" button

(1) and (2) are very similar, but not identical. E.g., they contain the exact same set of Source Roots, but have different subsets of those roots enabled (checked). They also have different Deployment Descriptors and Web Resource Directories.

As far as the highlighting and error message coming from the IDEA core and not JetGroovy, the real point is that some entity (JetGroov, IDEA, the user) must and should tell the various indexing mechanisms where to look to resolve the various references found in source files. I don't much care who does that configuration, even if I have to do it myself, but if it is me, then I need to learn how to do it.

Randall Schulz


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