Find Usages w/o "Include Overloaded ..." Includes Overloads


I have a couple of static domain class methods, one with one argument, the other with two arguments (no varargs) and when I do a Find Usages on the two-argument form and un-check "Include overloaded methods" I still get calls to the one-argument version of the method.

Both of the methods include return types (the same as the class within which they're defined) and explicit types on all their formal argument declarations.

Randall Schulz

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In the presence of optional parameters and varargs methods we cannot really filter on number of arguments. So if you have a method call where resolve does not point to a particular method, then it is potential to point to any of the overloads.

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But I said there were no varargs. Until you made me look it up, I didn't even realize Groovy had optional parameters. (I am not really a member of the Groovy fan club—I'm really only using it because of Grails.)



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