Classpath for Groovy?

Is there some setting I need to make in IDEA/JetGroovy to enable a Groovy script to 'see' other scripts in the same directory? I have a script which calls on a class, EpsGrabber, which is in a file in the same directory (the project source directory) but which fails with an "unable to resolve class EpsGrabber". The command-line called contains the following, which suggests the classpath is correct (all scripts are in '/mnt/share/projects/testproj/intellij'):

... --main groovy.ui.GroovyMain --classpath "/mnt/share/projects/testproj/intellij:/mnt/share/projects/testproj/out/production/intellij:/...

It's not clear to me what could be going wrong here.

Groovy 1.5.6, Java6, Linux

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Well, I solved this one by creating a new project from scratch, creating the files I needed as placeholders and then copying the necessary text into them from my existing scripts. For some reason this allowed scripts to be aware of classes in other scripts. I can only assume the problem before was to do with the way I had tried to use existing sources. I'm going to compare the two projects and see what's different and thus what caused the problem, it might be of use to someone else.


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