'Wrong forward reference' and unresolved symbols between adjacent files


I'm just trying to use IDEA as the editor for some Scala code files already in existence here at my office. I have never written Scala before nor used IDEA for Scala, though plenty for Java.

To do this I used 'New Project', selected Scala with SBT and created the project within the existing code directory. Note that the file structure around the code is like
| - a/
  | - A.scala
  | - B.scala
| - b/
  | - C.scala
| - c/
  | - D.scala

First problem: in any file whenever the code references a class later in the file IDEA shows a code error "wrong forward reference". Ok actually it's often an object, not a class.

Second: In directory a, for example, where there are multiple scala files. The code often references classes in adjacent files in the directory. But every time IDEA shows a code error 'Cannot resolve symbol <class or method name>'.

Any advice? I think the IDE is using the Scala that I installed via Ports which is 2.10.

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Hi Cloud! Please provide a complete, self-contained example (a zipped project), so we can reporduce the problem.


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