Using Alt Enter to create a new Scala class/define a method/...


I've been searching the forums  and found a little bit of information about this kind of feature but haven't been able to find an answer whether this is now considered to be on the roadmap or totally not on the roadmap. Instead of reviving a three year old discussion I decided to launch a new one (if that's not okay, just tell me).

To sketch the problem a little bit, when I'm trying to do some test first development (the  behaviour driven approach of ScalaTest really encourages this it seems to me), I would like to be able to describe a small featureset of my applicatoin and then Alt-Enter my way through creating the skeleton class and functions, like I can do in Java. However, it seems to be that this feature was deemed technically too complex in 2011 ( I don't really see why exactly, does it have something to do with the language conceptually or is it more the implementation?). So I wonder, has something changed, is this considered a feature?

Personally, I think in the Java plugin this is one of the most useful features available (considering how much I use it it really saves me a lot of time).


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Hi Kasper! I completely agree with you, such functionality is a must-have.

Actually, "create from usage" feature is partially available, so it's possible to create methods and properties by pressing Alt + Enter on "red" code.

As for the more advanced actions - you may add "feature" issues to our YouTrack to guarantee that we will prioritize and implement them as soon as (reasonably) possible.


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