Compile using IDEA vs SBT


I modify some files in a SBT project.
I compile them with "Build | Make Module".
It compiles ok.
Then I run "sbt compile" in the console panel (or command line) and the same files are compiled again.

Why this behavior?
Is it the same to compile using IDEA or SBT ?

I'm using IDEA 13.1.2 with latest Scala plugin.

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No, our caches stores in different places in different formant. Moreover IntelliJ IDEA based compiler works differently, faster, but less accurate (in some rare situations). We also have SBT based compiler, which can be faster than SBT plain compiler if you are using server.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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Thanks Alexander, now I understand. :-)

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hey there,

is this still valid?

hopefully not. i didn't understand the benefit in comparison to the downsides.

Because enterprise apps getting big soon, they may require to use the commandline (SBT) to be started. maybe because of docker, of other tasks that needs to be done etc.

but during development, lets say executing tests, i need to recompile EVERYTHING again?!? Maybe there are some advantages, ok, but in my opinion, that should be configurable at least...


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