How to debug/launch a SBT Scala webapp


I would like to debug this simple webapp template:

I have already imported it in IDEA, thanks to its recent SBT support.
But how can I debug it?

In the launch configurations, I see many types (Maven, Scala, ....) but no SBT one.
In the doc, they say I have to use:
sbt container:start

Thanks in advance for any hint.


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This is the way I've done to connect to a debugger:

From the command line run this:
sbt -jvm-debug 5005
> test
> container:start

I've created a remote config in IDEA to connect to 5005 port.

This doesn't work:
   sbt -jvm-debug 5005 container:start
because when sbt exits, it seems to kill my server.

I'd like that with the click of a button, compile the code if necessary, start the server and connect the debugger.
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Hi! There's no automatic way to do that (yet). We'll surely add a debug option when we implement project build via SBT and support of running SBT tasks.

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Thanks.  That's good news. :)
Is it planned very far in the future?

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I tried for at least a few hours to set up a Scalatra remote debug with no success, not hitting breakpoints in my webapp.

Details at

And I'm on Mac, IntelliJ details in pic below

Hope to hear back soon!


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