How to override a method with content assist

In Java, I'm used to override a method, just by inside the class definition start typing the first letters and then Ctrl+Space.
I'm offered the possible overriden methods.

But this technique doesn't work in Scala editor. :(
What is the recommended way of doing this?
Thanks in advance for any hint.


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cmd+O (Ctrl + O) - Override action. Cmd + I (Ctrl + I) - Implement Action.

See ticket:

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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Thanks Alex once again.

I knew about Ctrl+O, but its only use I know is about going to the overridable method, not to redefine it.

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What did you mean by "redefine"?

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redefine method=override method

With Eclipse Keymap mapping Ctrl+O Ctrl+I doesn't work.
Implement methods action has a key mapping of Ctrl+Shift+P, but doesn't work either.

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Hi David!

It's a nice idea to implement this feature, like in Java, so we've created an issue for that: SCL-6926.

Currently the same functionality should be available (for sure) either via Code / Override Methods (for concrete members) or via Code / Implement Methods (for abstract members).

You can look up the actual keyboard shortcuts near the menu entries.

If something still doesn't work, please provide a minimal, self-sufficient example.


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